8 Simple Steps to Help You Throw an AWESOME Engagement Party

Good morning Divas!

Today’s post was made for a very special young bride (kisses for Cris!) you asked for tips for planning a party or an engagement dinner. So … upon request, today we’ll talk about the first step: pre-wedding engagement party!

Currently, the engagement has lost a little of its real meaning and many young brides resolve to skip this stage.

Ahh Dave, but the engagement is so boring, useless, so why worry about that?

Well … personally, I like to follow procedures. Dating, engagement and wedding. I was engaged for almost 2 years, that was the time it took us to buy and decorate the apartment, prepare the wedding, the honeymoon …. Anyway, to get everything “in place” as we wanted!

Many couples decide to throw a sophisticated engagement party, others prefer to do a more intimate celebration. In my case, my husband and my mom organized a surprise dinner  n my house with relatives and closest friends. Continue reading “8 Simple Steps to Help You Throw an AWESOME Engagement Party”