Romantic Songs For Your Wedding

One of the most memorable moments of any wedding is when the newlyweds open track with a romantic song. Low lights, a soft melody and loved ones around the bride and groom dancing to the beat of the music… we in China you skin so only to imagine it! Continue reading “Romantic Songs For Your Wedding”

Things You Need To Know Before Choosing Wedding Tones

As you surely already know, all wedding decoration should start with the choice of a style and a palette of colors. If you have defined both, your wedding will have a visual harmony that will delight your guests. Continue reading “Things You Need To Know Before Choosing Wedding Tones”

Boat Neckline Wedding Dresses

In this article I will talk about the boat neckline that today has become a favorite of brides.

Boat neckline is assimilated to the shape of the bottom of a boat, hence it’s name comes from. Also referred to as cleavage tray. Well characterized mainly by drawing a line straight from shoulder to shoulder and leaves them exposed, it may be lesser or greater extent. Also keep in mind that it is divided in two: neckline romantic boat and classic boat neckline.

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10 Alternatives To Classic Engagement Rings

Let’s say you’re not a girl that follow the conventions to the letter. If so, it is likely that engagement rings classic, with a diamond in the Center, seem too boring. Isn’t it?

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The Website Which Accompanies You In Your Wedding Planning

Organizing a wedding is a real challenge: involves choosing a date, thinking about a concept, visiting a place after another, call dozens of suppliers, make quotes, create guest lists… is a titanic work! Fortunately, today we can use digital tools to make a much easier task of planning our wedding. Continue reading “The Website Which Accompanies You In Your Wedding Planning”

What To Wear To A Beach Wedding

Weddings performed on the beach are increasingly popular in recent times I have received dozens of comments and emails requesting help in choosing the look for the event, but don’t blame the undecided, this type of ceremony you can count on some nuances that can completely change the type of clothing to be used, see some examples below:

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Hairstyles With Braids for Your Wedding

If you are married, have three main options to fix your hair: you can take it with an elegant up-do, take it loose with some embellishments (such as a subtle headdress of flowers) or you can choose to pick it up in a braid. This last option we love, because it is comfortable and is more than fashion that never-if you don’t believe us, see the photos of the latest runways and red carpets: plagued by braids! Continue reading “Hairstyles With Braids for Your Wedding”

Wedding Party: 6 Things You Can’t Miss

When you’re planning the wedding party the couple feel a tremendous anxiety, there’s a natural concern for all is well decorated.

The wedding party it’s a big milestone, as it is the symbolism of an act realized that denotes love, care and delivery.

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