Wedding Dresses For Chubby

Wedding dresses for chubby in Chile: With much or little budget, I like weddings. All have their charm, lavish, overblown – ah, how I have been organizing these!-, picturesque or pinchonas; by the three laws, by two or one, is worth mother. A couple known, falls – sometimes – and ultimately decides or has to get married

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Wedding Invitation of Coloring Is the New Fashion

One of the main fairs of the wedding market is currently married. In your 14th edition that took place at the Mall JK Iguatemi, São Paulo, brought numerous 2015 Married news for grooms and brides who are preparing for the big day out perfect. Among the novelties, the wedding invitations to color called attention and divided opinions.

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Small Rooms Lounge: 5 Amazing Wedding Ideas

Lounge spaces are a trend that threatens to become a ‘must’ in any type of wedding: from day or night, elegant or boho, in lounge or garden… And these rooms are the perfect way to welcome guests – offering cocktails and snacks until they pass to the tables, but also an area where guests can take a drink, talk and rest of the dance floor during the party. Continue reading “Small Rooms Lounge: 5 Amazing Wedding Ideas”

5 New Styles For A Different Wedding

With every year, the bridal trends are transformed to help you out of the conventions. Gone are weddings in saloons, with menu four times, the typical gifts for guests and scenarios already known by everyone.Leverages already almost arriving 2016 to venture to have a wedding outside series, where your essence and originality Excel in every detail of that great day. We invite you to discover 5 amazing styles that will become the trend for next year. Trust us, you’ll be surprised! Continue reading “5 New Styles For A Different Wedding”

Wedding Cake Toppers For Wedding Cake

For the big day, all women want that everything goes as planned. After all, it’s one day more than special. For this, they calculate and plan everything in the minutest detail. This would be no different with the bride and groom to cake of marriage.

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5 Wedding Gifts For Couples

While the table of gifts is a great option to choose the gift for the bride and groom, special cases in which there are in advance we know that the couple have good finances and even have already everything for the House. Continue reading “5 Wedding Gifts For Couples”

Haute Couture For Brides At Paris Fashion Week

What season of fashion weeks. And nothing can move us more, because these events, although they are not specifically targeted to brides, are a hotbed of bridal trends. Right now takes place the Week of fashion in Paris (September 23 to October 1), by whose walkways have paraded renowned houses of fashion as Elie Saab, Valentino and Chanel. Continue reading “Haute Couture For Brides At Paris Fashion Week”

Wedding Dresses For Chubby Women

The biggest concern of brides is finding the perfect dress. It needs to disguise some parts and highlight the good parts of the body, so some wedding dresses are perfect for some women and not so much for others.

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