Wedding Oversized Skirts

In addition to the interviews with Plus Size Brides (so far: Linda and Annika – and there are still some great weddings and dresses!) I would like to start another bridal series, which concentrates on great Do-It-Yourself ideas for the wedding.My first DIY bride, the dear Nina of Vervliest and sewn , I know thanks to her many great sewing projects, which she always synonymous with DIY your Closet links.For her wedding, she designed many great things herself and made the celebration a more personal event.Come on, Nina, you have so much to show! Continue reading “Wedding Oversized Skirts”

Lace Wedding Dresses Guides

The lace is part of collections of the most important designer labels, and especially for lace wedding dresses, fashion is all for 2014.

They are models for all tastes and styles, from the classic to the modern, where retro fashion is modern and enchants women of all tastes. Continue reading “Lace Wedding Dresses Guides”

Maxim Wedding Dresses

The two dedicated wedding planner Julia Mayer and Nicola Etzelstorfer of Sagdochja have implemented their idea of a Brautshooting with an enthusiastic team in four different styles.

Let surprise you from the many loving details, Karin Ahamer has captured beautiful images.

Julia Mayer:
“Woman, and hence every bride is unique. She has her own style, her own preferences and wishes. Each model is individually lived-whether in

Continue reading “Maxim Wedding Dresses”

Lace Back And Tulle Wedding Dress

The lace is perfect for brides, and betting on wedding dress models with lace on the back is sure to strike a lot of elegance and sophistication. The delicacy and beauty of the lace, gives a special touch to the woman’s look, and is something that can not be denied. Continue reading “Lace Back And Tulle Wedding Dress”

Small Bags Women’s for Your Wedding

Long we had no shopping tips for you – that’s why there’s a today once again – whether bride or bride is not! This accessory is also ideal for the mother of the bride, Maid of honor, or “just” a guest at a wedding. Continue reading “Small Bags Women’s for Your Wedding”

Wedding Nails Trend

At the ring exchange all attention is given to your hands – all important tips for the perfect wedding nails are here, so that these on the wedding day become an eyecatcher.

Perfect to the fingertips, that desires every bride.In order to highlight the beauty of the bride on the memorial photos, beautiful and well-groomed wedding nails are an important component. Continue reading “Wedding Nails Trend”

Bridal Hairstyles and Plus Size Dresses

If you have curly, curly or curly hair you can not miss these tips for the perfect hairstyle at the wedding!

The choice of wedding hairstyle is among the most important for the bride. In addition to the dress, shoes and accessories to be worn from the Big Day, this item takes time, care and a lot of search for references.Although each type of hair demands special attention, the main tip is unanimous: always care for the health and care of the hair. Continue reading “Bridal Hairstyles and Plus Size Dresses”

Bridal Accessories for the Wedding

Today on the blog, we have a special mega participation of the designer Diana Cantídio. She tells us the trends of accessories for the most demanding and modern brides.

Diana Cantídio Montes graduated in Industrial Design (Design) by UFPE in 2005. In 2006 the first bride D.Cantidio is married. In 2009 he exhibited his wreaths in São Paulo and became a national reference creating a unique garland style. Since then, she has been producing and sending her copyrighted accessories for brides from all over Brazil and Portugal. Continue reading “Bridal Accessories for the Wedding”

Wedding Shopping Guide: Balloon Bouquet

The decision is: you will get married! This is a good news, but after you have received the first congratulations, it will be time to begin preparations for your big day. There are loads of things that need to be done so your wedding day will really be the most beautiful day in your life. Our wedding shopping guide will help you think about all the errands that you need before your wedding or for the actual celebration. Stressful purchases at the last minute will save you money. Continue reading “Wedding Shopping Guide: Balloon Bouquet”