Wedding Ring Design

After the vows, before the Kiss: The love is you selected with much devotion wedding ring on his finger. A moment for the ages. The heart of your ceremony, which itself will be again later in photo albums, picture frames, and above all in the top 3 of your most beautiful memories. Continue reading “Wedding Ring Design”

The Wedding Fashion Trends

At Our site, you will find numerous nice dressed flower children. You should to just see her as inspiration, as a template, because most things unfortunately are not found with us. Photographer: Katie Scott from swoon by katie-thank you for using your pictures! Because of ambition packed once again me, to provide you the best ideas together. Maybe you have read already my previous blog posts, where it comes to festive children’s clothes: “charming flower girl”, “holiday dresses for small princesses” and “scatter flowers and this cute

Continue reading “The Wedding Fashion Trends”

Maternity Wedding

When it comes to wedding, you do not necessarily think of insurance as the first and certainly not to health insurance.

Topics such as family insurance, inclusion in the private health insurance and the insurance of the children, which are likely to be planned in the future, should be well considered.This is particularly important if one of the two partners is insured in the private health insurance company. Continue reading “Maternity Wedding”

Lilac and White Maxi Weeding Dress

The wedding in the field is a major trend in today’s ceremonies. This fashion came from the United States and is very successful here in Brazil. It’s no wonder that an outdoor wedding is sensational and inspiring, so the bridesmaids and noivines are sticking to this fashion. Continue reading “Lilac and White Maxi Weeding Dress”