Candy Table for Wedding: 7 Tips for Ideal Decorating

The table of sweets, besides being the place where the main delights of a wedding party are, is one of the main details of the decoration. This table is indispensable and makes all the difference in, so it can not be missed. Continue reading “Candy Table for Wedding: 7 Tips for Ideal Decorating”

Boho Wedding

A breeze of freedom blows on these untypical ceremonies, in which love is celebrated in simplicity and gentleness. In the Boho wedding trend, the heart of the Pinterest Junkies beat higher: countless pictures of this great day flooded the channels. We will introduce you to this topic. Continue reading “Boho Wedding”

10 Wedding Items that Never Go out of Style

The wedding is full of significant elements: the wedding dress, the bouquet, the nuptial march and the souvenirs, for example. In this scenario, over time, we realize that there are immutable details reproduced for generations. These items represent the history of marriages and, as a result, characterize the event. Continue reading “10 Wedding Items that Never Go out of Style”