Accessories to Show Off This Summer 2010

In summer we usually wear many more accessories than in winter, since we can show them while clog us our garments. Think on things cheerful, bright and flashy colors. Different firms propose rings, bracelets, watches… are the jewels of summer 2010. Continue reading “Accessories to Show Off This Summer 2010”

Fascinators for Weddings of The Garden of Lulaila

The Garden of Lulaila It is a signature of headpieces and accessories created by Marta Ortiz de Zárate. It begins to take shape in 2006, where he creates his first Lulaila, a brooch shaped doll made of carded felt posed a great success that drives it in 2008 to form its own brand of headdresses and wonderful accessories. Continue reading “Fascinators for Weddings of The Garden of Lulaila”

10 Improvements 2013 Weddings

2013 has been a year full of weddings, a year full of wedding gowns to analyze and a host of guests who did not pass unnoticed. Reaches the end of the year and plays take stock of which have been the 10 best wedding You have had this year and that somehow we have been spectators of the same. 10 very different weddings in which the only thing that matches is the white color of the dress. Continue reading “10 Improvements 2013 Weddings”

Advice to Go to a Wedding The Most Beautiful Possible in Jezebel Beauty

We are in the era of the Weddings, with what this means: a party continuous if it happens that friends and relatives pass through vicarage. Of course, that this party is also transmitted to the current account. Continue reading “Advice to Go to a Wedding The Most Beautiful Possible in Jezebel Beauty”

Get Your Wedding Dress in a White Party Dress

It is not for trying to sink the wedding sector or anything like that, but all those in anticipation of marriage that you resist to give in to the typical wedding dress, It costs a lot of money and then it is almost impossible to recycle, you can kill two birds with one stone on a white dress (or not) of one of those untouchable signatures that you’ve always dreamed to dress a day so significant and special. Admittedly, bridal fashion is increasingly closer to ready-to-wear and leading brands in the sector adapt to the trends of the international catwalks, but in the same way, non-specialized houses made designs perfectly valid to pass by the altar or the Court. Continue reading “Get Your Wedding Dress in a White Party Dress”