The Best Look of The Week: Estilimos That We Have Seen in The Royal Wedding of Monaco. Vote for Your Favorite

The best look of this week could not be other than one of the Real wedding of Monaco, not only of the religious ceremony, but of all the events during holidays.

Carlota Casiragui has been one of the most elegant in all bridal events, but at the wedding has excelled with its two parts of Chanel in pink cake. Shoulders to the air, lots of buttons on the jacket and skirt in several layers with black tie to one side, have made a fantastic look. But this headdress of snood put the glamorous touch Black, attached to a headband flower in black and white. Divine! The only failure, the bag limosnera, too big for the occasion. Continue reading “The Best Look of The Week: Estilimos That We Have Seen in The Royal Wedding of Monaco. Vote for Your Favorite”

10th Anniversary of The Arabian Wedding

Returns the Catwalk the Arabian wedding and this time is anniversary, is already ten years old. To celebrate, this year has created new stands and several new features. So, all those that you have thought through the bicaria do not hesitate to give you a tour of the greater room for bride and groom to be held from 17 to 19 October in Hall 5 at Feria de Madrid. Continue reading “10th Anniversary of The Arabian Wedding”

If You Prefer Your Mixed Cocktail and Not Hectic, We Have The Accessories Most Cool of The Moment

Cocktails they are still a trend and the bartender and cocktail experts creativity has no limits. As well as professionals who are dedicated to designing as exotic and creative accessories as the cocktails that will decorate. We bring you a selection of the stirring so mix your favourite drink is as cool as effective. Continue reading “If You Prefer Your Mixed Cocktail and Not Hectic, We Have The Accessories Most Cool of The Moment”

7 Accessories Jewel to Wear The Hair on Your Wedding Day

Our special weddings 2015 keeps on trying to give tips and ideas to all those brides who are now with the run-up to the link or even for those who are at the very gates of the link and want a last-minute contribution.

View Gallery (7 photos) Continue reading “7 Accessories Jewel to Wear The Hair on Your Wedding Day”

The Hairstyle and Accessories for Your Wedding Day

We love the special tribute to Jezebel, talking about dresses, lingerie and everything that the girls worship to have on your wedding day. But it has happened to us one thing, and is that we have seen the wonderful job doing sweeping with perfumes that you must bring your wedding day, as you must bring the nail (French manicure, painted monochrome…), and even as you choose a good bridal bouquet. Realistically, I have to admit that the hairstyles call me much attention and thanks to my colleagues, who have served me great support and reference, we provided a small part of their hairstyles and accessories for brides and we have it Jezebel style. Continue reading “The Hairstyle and Accessories for Your Wedding Day”

Fashion and Blogs 153: Today You Will Blog about Weddings

Years ago there were few blogs about weddings, Currently, there are a lot. The main reason for the boom in blogging about Weddings is that many bride and groom looking for something different for their wedding. In United States blogging about weddings are more than settled and in Spain we are gaining ground gradually. Today fashion and Blogs make a review of some of the best blogs on weddings made in Spain. Continue reading “Fashion and Blogs 153: Today You Will Blog about Weddings”

Win Your Wedding Dress

Girls, we have a megamäßige action for you! From today and only with us you can win a dream dress from Lillian West from the new collection!

You love a natural style with playful accents, shoulder-free, flowing dresses and enchanting lace? Then Lillian West is exactly the label for you! Since 2014, beautiful wedding dresses have been created in Boho chic with romantic details. The dreamlike, floral lace applications and the elegant, straight lines of the 2017 collection have convinced us directly. Lillian West equips the modern Boho bride and with our great raffle you have the chance to win one of these amazing dresses! Continue reading “Win Your Wedding Dress”

Cheap Marriage

Cheap marriages want many, that’s clear. However, how much money a celebration with family and friends costs, however, is often only clear to many couples when the planning phase of the wedding starts. Even for small wedding parties and purely civil weddings, some items that simply cost money are covered. Wedding invitations, dresses for bride and groom, bouquets, wedding rings, possibly a rental car, wedding dinners and small gifts for the guests cost money and are actually missing at any wedding. And that would not even mention a budget for a photographer or a photojournalist and a location to celebrate. The majority of each wedding budget goes for photos, location, food, dresses, rings and music, but also the small items such as accessories and tips make up a sum at the end of the wedding. Continue reading “Cheap Marriage”

Romantic Places dor a Wedding in Hesse

In 2015, 400,115 marriages were closed in Germany. Many of them have taken place in exceptional or romantic locations. In recent years, a clear trend has been identified to make the wedding celebration unique through the choice of venue. The possibilities for this are almost unlimited:whether in the airy height, on a castle or underground – Let yourself be inspired by our ideas and design the most beautiful day in life exactly according to your ideas. Continue reading “Romantic Places dor a Wedding in Hesse”

Choose Brautschmuck, Tips and Trends

Underline your beauty as a bride with the perfect Brautschmuck! The experts at Brautschmuck24 will tell you what you should consider during the search and which trends help you to find the Brautschmuck of your dreams. Continue reading “Choose Brautschmuck, Tips and Trends”