Choose Brautschmuck, Tips and Trends

Underline your beauty as a bride with the perfect Brautschmuck! The experts at Brautschmuck24 will tell you what you should consider during the search and which trends help you to find the Brautschmuck of your dreams. Continue reading “Choose Brautschmuck, Tips and Trends”

Modern Bridal Jewelry

The bridal jewelry makes the look of a bride complete. Often brides choose pearl jewelry or heirlooms from the family. If you want to make your wedding less classic, you have the choice of a wedding dress and matching jewelry. This styled shoot by true Grace Photography shows us selected pieces of jewelry with which every bride can shine on her big day. Continue reading “Modern Bridal Jewelry”

Personalized Gifts for the Bride and Groom

One usually marries only once in a lifetime, the more significant and exciting is the day for the couple in question. They enter into the holy covenant of marriage, promise to be loyal and give each other security, a circumstance that will be hard for many at the beginning, because bonds are always something special and not easy to plan. As a wedding guest you are therefore in the moral duty to give this marriage its blessing and to relax the tension of the bride and groom.

We want to show you the means by which you can hand over a personalized gift to the bride and groom, which will certainly be remembered. Continue reading “Personalized Gifts for the Bride and Groom”

Magical Headdress for the Bride

This winter, Tamara visited headdress designer Niely Hoetsch in her studio in Vienna and was quite fond of the trinkets for the bridal hairstyle. Due to the spring we now have these great pictures of the new collection of Niely for you. She has teamed up with the photographer Tony Gigov for this styled shoot and has come out really wonderful photos. Continue reading “Magical Headdress for the Bride”

5 Tips to Rock the Look

I know many readers ask me tips for wedding look, after all, not everyone is engaged or godmother who now know exactly what to wear, right? Hahaha! So today’s post is a compiled with 5 basic tips that apply to the look of marriage at any time, place and time of year, come with me to rock! Continue reading “5 Tips to Rock the Look”

Bridal Accessories for Autumn

Here in Hamburg we had a really bad time with the summer. While all my friends in the rest of Germany were no longer coming out of the outdoor pools and the summer mood in front of the heat waves, we had here in Hamburg felt continuously 16 degrees and drizzle. And since I have worn all my autumn clothes all summer, I feel quite frankly also betrayed a bit about this beautiful feeling at the beginning of autumn, when you snuggle up in a wool–from the wool I am finally the whole Summer did not come out! After one or two weeks of Grummelns, I have now finished with this lousy summer and am now looking forward to the fall: wool sweaters, if all have to wear a pumpkin soup and colorful leaves on the trees! Continue reading “Bridal Accessories for Autumn”

8 Stunning Gold and Silver Jewelery Options for Brides

That every bride should feel like a princess that we already know … Gold and silver jewelery give this power to the woman and are available in various models that help complement any look of the category with great taste. Continue reading “8 Stunning Gold and Silver Jewelery Options for Brides”

Wedding Plan with Checklist, Tips and Guidebook

The wedding is for the bride and groom and many wedding guests one of the most beautiful days in life, a day at which everything should be perfect. With a good planning from A to Z, the wedding becomes a success. Planning should start no later than 6 months before the wedding ceremony.In essence, wedding planning already begins with the application.This guide is to lead with some tips through the wedding planning, of important questions, who is invited, how the wedding dress should be and details of what to eat and how the table decoration should be.The wedding planner can be used as a checklist – to make your wedding a festive occasion. Continue reading “Wedding Plan with Checklist, Tips and Guidebook”

Noble Hair Jewelry from Venice Lace

For our Venice week, of course, we also have a very special shop tip for you: Laura Havimo comes from Helsinki and handmade beautiful hair jewelry from noble Venice lace. The lace is embroidered with fine beads and sequins and can be fixed in a wide variety of positions in the hair. You can find your entire lookbook here, you can find your Etsy shop here. Continue reading “Noble Hair Jewelry from Venice Lace”

Shuttle: Unique Twist on Your Look

Hello girls Everything good? Have you heard about the shuttle rocks?

If this is the way your stone accessory is faceted or cut. The purpose of stoning is to show the best features of the stone, taking into consideration your color, clarity (purity) and weight. Continue reading “Shuttle: Unique Twist on Your Look”