Wedding Nails Trend

At the ring exchange all attention is given to your hands – all important tips for the perfect wedding nails are here, so that these on the wedding day become an eyecatcher.

Perfect to the fingertips, that desires every bride.In order to highlight the beauty of the bride on the memorial photos, beautiful and well-groomed wedding nails are an important component. Continue reading “Wedding Nails Trend”

Bridal Accessories for the Wedding

Today on the blog, we have a special mega participation of the designer Diana Cantídio. She tells us the trends of accessories for the most demanding and modern brides.

Diana Cantídio Montes graduated in Industrial Design (Design) by UFPE in 2005. In 2006 the first bride D.Cantidio is married. In 2009 he exhibited his wreaths in São Paulo and became a national reference creating a unique garland style. Since then, she has been producing and sending her copyrighted accessories for brides from all over Brazil and Portugal. Continue reading “Bridal Accessories for the Wedding”

Wedding Shopping Guide: Balloon Bouquet

The decision is: you will get married! This is a good news, but after you have received the first congratulations, it will be time to begin preparations for your big day. There are loads of things that need to be done so your wedding day will really be the most beautiful day in your life. Our wedding shopping guide will help you think about all the errands that you need before your wedding or for the actual celebration. Stressful purchases at the last minute will save you money. Continue reading “Wedding Shopping Guide: Balloon Bouquet”

How to Choose the Ideal Earrings to Start New Life

The wedding is surrounded commitments that compromise the couple’s time. There are so many things to organize in such a short period that at 24 a.m. of the day they seem not to be enough. However, it is very important that there is awareness of the couple so that a special time is reserved for an important definition: the choice of property. Continue reading “How to Choose the Ideal Earrings to Start New Life”

Bridal Gown

Looking for a beautiful wedding dress with a low neckline? Find your model here.

If you like a wedding dress with a strap on the back , take inspiration from our photos and choose the model that most has to do with your personality. The bridal gowns with this model convey a “hides and reveals”, but in an interesting way. Continue reading “Bridal Gown”

5 Infallible Make-Up Tricks in Wedding, Perfect Eyebrows

The color of the skin, the eyes and the hair influences a lot in the choice of makeup. Certain tones look better with certain types of skin.

Whether you have brown or black hair, fair skin and brown eyes there are very effective and simple ways to enhance your beauty. Check out below 5 infallible makeup tips for brunettes: Continue reading “5 Infallible Make-Up Tricks in Wedding, Perfect Eyebrows”

Asos Wedding Bridal Collection

Wedding column-Fanny and Daniel have taken the first step towards a common future and report on of their wedding. Today: Who has the choice, the spoilt! Especially when it comes to a new last name. As Fanny has held, read here Continue reading “Asos Wedding Bridal Collection”

The Wedding Fashion Trends

At Our site, you will find numerous nice dressed flower children. You should to just see her as inspiration, as a template, because most things unfortunately are not found with us. Photographer: Katie Scott from swoon by katie-thank you for using your pictures! Because of ambition packed once again me, to provide you the best ideas together. Maybe you have read already my previous blog posts, where it comes to festive children’s clothes: “charming flower girl”, “holiday dresses for small princesses” and “scatter flowers and this cute

Continue reading “The Wedding Fashion Trends”

Trends in Bridal Shoes

Have You Seen The New Collection Of bridal 2015 Shoes Brand Angel Alarcon?
Every bride is a world and each one must choose the model and the proper fit for your wedding day, think elegance and design but also choose the Bridal Shoes more comfortable for each. Below we show you some of the trends in footwear that brides will take next year.

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