Exclusive Wedding Dresses in Bohemian Style

For everyone with a Boho–heart we have a special label on offer today! Because these gorgeous wedding dresses in a luxurious and romantic bohemian style are from the Australian label Bo & Luca. Just wonderful! Continue reading “Exclusive Wedding Dresses in Bohemian Style”

Wedding Dress of the Week, Vintage by the Barefaced Bride

We love vintage! We can’t hide that anymore… and our wedding dress of the week is no exception! The long, two-layered skirt of flowing satin and a layer of light, transparent fabric is adorned with dainty dots. These polka dots also adorn the airy jacket that belongs to the dress. Drawn over the delicate top with the neckline framed by a hint of fine lace, it completes the fairytale look. Continue reading “Wedding Dress of the Week, Vintage by the Barefaced Bride”

Grey Wedding Dress

Vania and Christine. Two girls who have teamed up in 2008 to start simply Bloom Photography. A creative alliance that has emerged from their friendship. And the outcome was an internationally very successful Fotografieduo, which regularly gives workshops and whose works are published in the largest magazines. The two live and work in Huntsville, Alabama and photograph families and weddings all over the USA and in Europe. Continue reading “Grey Wedding Dress”

Sincerity Bridal Collection

We were very pleased at the editorial office at the end of last year when it was clear that we will be giving away a Sincerity wedding dress at the beginning of 2014! The beauty of the matter–the lucky winner does not have to be satisfied with a dress made available, no–she can choose her dream dress under the currently 42 models of the Sincerity collection. I would say the new Year is starting well! Continue reading “Sincerity Bridal Collection”

Pink Wedding

Trendsetters Beware! This styled shoot is for you, because it combines many current trends in a beautiful wedding inspiration. The shoot was made on Lake Garda in Italy and the golden hour provided a fantastic light. But now for the trends: the first thing is that the pink balloons are overinflated. They always provide a great photo motif and give the location a festive atmosphere. You can simply attach them to a heavy stone and then ‘ stand ‘ them for example in the garden or as a backdrop at the ceremony. Continue reading “Pink Wedding”

Alternative Groom Looks: Anything But Classic

Even the groom walks stylishly and original in front of the Traualtar in 2015 and shows with unusual wedding outfits that he has to marry anything but classic! We show the best alternatives to the traditional groom’s suit.

The vintage trend in terms of wedding and the tendency to casual festivals beyond conventional requirements do not stop even before the groom!Fem.com and Zankyou, the wedding magazine, explain how man is cleaning out 2015 for the big day: Continue reading “Alternative Groom Looks: Anything But Classic”

Wedding Dress of the Week

A dream of silk and chiffon: The ravishing wedding dress of the week ‘ Frida ‘ inspires with its many delicate, transparent layers of fabric in a romantic style. The upper part of the dress is pleated and through the flowing, floor-length fabric one is convinced that it is constantly in motion. But not only the fine silk and the overlay of chiffon, the delicate pink also contribute to the enchanting effect and give the wearer a feeling of airy lightness. Particularly striking is the fashionable back section, which gives the playful dress elegance and makes it something very special. Continue reading “Wedding Dress of the Week”

How’s It Going?

If I share the interviews with my dear plus size brides and DIY brides , the question always arises, how is this about our own wedding planning. Since the last update is already a while, and our wedding ceremony is so comfortably close to tangible proximity, I would like to bring you today up to date. Continue reading “How’s It Going?”