Romantic Places dor a Wedding in Hesse

In 2015, 400,115 marriages were closed in Germany. Many of them have taken place in exceptional or romantic locations. In recent years, a clear trend has been identified to make the wedding celebration unique through the choice of venue. The possibilities for this are almost unlimited:whether in the airy height, on a castle or underground – Let yourself be inspired by our ideas and design the most beautiful day in life exactly according to your ideas. Continue reading “Romantic Places dor a Wedding in Hesse”

Make the Perfect Bridal Makeup by Yourself

The wedding day is one of the most important days in a woman’s life. The dress hangs ready and now only makeup and hairstyle are missing. Above all, it is important to remain true to yourself. If you apply too much, you can look quickly disguised. Of course, the look should stand out from the everyday, but do not exaggerate.  Continue reading “Make the Perfect Bridal Makeup by Yourself”

15 Unique Souvenirs for Your Wedding

The guests are very important attendees at your wedding! After all, celebrating the most important day of your life surrounded by people you love is infinitely more enjoyable. So it’s cool to stop for a moment to think about the party favors you will give away at the end of the party, as a way of thanking everyone for their presence on that special night. Continue reading “15 Unique Souvenirs for Your Wedding”

10 Barbershops in Sao Paulo to Groom No Put Defect

Want to make a relaxed day of the bride and groom with your friends? How about a good barber shop? See the best of São Paulo!

It is not only the bride who is entitled to a special day with her friends. The groom also needs to relax and enjoy the pre-wedding, after all, the dream is for both of them and he will also be the center of attention on the Great Day. To help with this choice, we separate the most beloved ballerinas in São Paulo for a Groom’s Day Perfect with friends and family.And prepare yourself, because the fun is guaranteed in these places, which even have a pool table, video game, bar and cigar shop.Check it! Continue reading “10 Barbershops in Sao Paulo to Groom No Put Defect”

Bridal Makeup in Summer: What to Do in Heat?

Are you planning your wedding in summer? Then you should consider additional details with your bridal makeup – otherwise the heat could provide some unpleasant surprises.

On the most beautiful day of your life you also want to look just as beautiful. For this reason, you should use caution when making bridal make-up if you want to enter the port of marriage in the summer months. Because of the warm sunny weather during the festivities – heat and the sun can also have their shadows. Find out what is important during styling on hot days. Continue reading “Bridal Makeup in Summer: What to Do in Heat?”

Pink Wedding

Trendsetters Beware! This styled shoot is for you, because it combines many current trends in a beautiful wedding inspiration. The shoot was made on Lake Garda in Italy and the golden hour provided a fantastic light. But now for the trends: the first thing is that the pink balloons are overinflated. They always provide a great photo motif and give the location a festive atmosphere. You can simply attach them to a heavy stone and then ‘ stand ‘ them for example in the garden or as a backdrop at the ceremony. Continue reading “Pink Wedding”

Romantic Wedding Inspiration in Blue

When I discovered the exclusive styled shoot of American photographer Stephanie Williams Photography last week, our entire editorial team was gone. I’m really excited to show you the first part of the picture series today. Photographer Stephanie Williams lives with her husband in Southern California and documents weddings worldwide. For today’s Inspiration Photo gallery, she has collaborated with designer Claire Pettibone and Erica Elizabeth Designs, which has made the model’s exclusive headdresses. The mix of illusion-neckline and the button-strip on the décolleté appeals particularly well to the gorgeous dress of the American fashion designer. Continue reading “Romantic Wedding Inspiration in Blue”

Candy Table for Wedding: 7 Tips for Ideal Decorating

The table of sweets, besides being the place where the main delights of a wedding party are, is one of the main details of the decoration. This table is indispensable and makes all the difference in, so it can not be missed. Continue reading “Candy Table for Wedding: 7 Tips for Ideal Decorating”

Wedding Nails Trend

At the ring exchange all attention is given to your hands – all important tips for the perfect wedding nails are here, so that these on the wedding day become an eyecatcher.

Perfect to the fingertips, that desires every bride.In order to highlight the beauty of the bride on the memorial photos, beautiful and well-groomed wedding nails are an important component. Continue reading “Wedding Nails Trend”