Bridal Hairstyles and Plus Size Dresses

If you have curly, curly or curly hair you can not miss these tips for the perfect hairstyle at the wedding!

The choice of wedding hairstyle is among the most important for the bride. In addition to the dress, shoes and accessories to be worn from the Big Day, this item takes time, care and a lot of search for references.Although each type of hair demands special attention, the main tip is unanimous: always care for the health and care of the hair. Continue reading “Bridal Hairstyles and Plus Size Dresses”

Wedding Shopping Guide: Balloon Bouquet

The decision is: you will get married! This is a good news, but after you have received the first congratulations, it will be time to begin preparations for your big day. There are loads of things that need to be done so your wedding day will really be the most beautiful day in your life. Our wedding shopping guide will help you think about all the errands that you need before your wedding or for the actual celebration. Stressful purchases at the last minute will save you money. Continue reading “Wedding Shopping Guide: Balloon Bouquet”

The Various Wedding Themes

Every marriage must have a concept. It may not necessarily be thematic, but it must have an idea that structures the bride and groom’s choices.

This structural concept is the theme of marriage. It is not easy to decide which is the ideal theme for the ceremony and for the wedding reception. There are many details implicit in the choice.

Know 8 essential tips on choosing the theme of your wedding and know some details to consider in your decision. Continue reading “The Various Wedding Themes”

How to Choose the Bridesmaid and Pajem of Your Wedding?

One thing that should not be missing in a wedding is the presence of the bridesmaid and page, they are the ones that give a special charm all the ceremony of your wedding. 

The choice of bridesmaid and pageboy for marriage is difficult for many couples, especially when the family has many children, or when you want to honor a relative in particular.  Continue reading “How to Choose the Bridesmaid and Pajem of Your Wedding?”

Makeup for Your Weeding

Check out tips and ideas to organize a bachelorette party unforgettable.

The wedding is next, and you still haven’t planned your lingerie shower? So come with us. We have great tips for your event to be very special.

Who wants House House, but also want pots, decorative items and – of course – new lingerie! Thus, the tea is a pre-wedding preparation which also deserves a special preparation. Come see how to do! Continue reading “Makeup for Your Weeding”

Make Up of Black Brides for the Big Day

Taking care of production on the day of the wedding is very important for any bride. You need to know the right products so that the look is perfect and get dozens of compliments from all the guests. Knowing more about some doubts that always appear, learn how a black bride can dress perfectly for her big day. Continue reading “Make Up of Black Brides for the Big Day”

Bridal Shower

The bridal shower is always done before the wedding, where the bride and groom receive dear friends and their families for a more intimate meeting and full of very special moments. At the time they play games, but the focus is always the delivery of gifts.

Have you been invited to a bridal shower and still do not know what to give the bride and groom? We picked some super cool ideas to please your friends on this occasion. Continue reading “Bridal Shower”

Nails Decorated for the Brides in the Weeding

The fashion of decorated nails is a trend, on the face of it, it is natural that brides also wish to use this icon of fashion on this special date.

Many brides end up opting for the traditional dress, however it is possible to give a relaxed touch and break the atmosphere of seriousness of the bride, using fun decorated nails.

Check out some decorated nail tips that brides can wear during their wedding date: Continue reading “Nails Decorated for the Brides in the Weeding”

Outfits for the Wedding Guest

What General Principles Should I Consider As A Wedding Guest In Terms Of Styling?

Men are often said to have it much easier in the selection of clothes than women. But when it comes to wedding dress, it can sometimes be a bit trickier for the men than expected. But if you know a few basic rules that you can orient yourself to, the supposedly challenging mission “How do I dress as a wedding guest?” Becomes a children’s game. Continue reading “Outfits for the Wedding Guest”

Wedding Guests

At a wedding, 60 to 120 wedding guests are usually invited. How many guests are ultimately dependent on the size of the relationship and the circle of friends.Invited is whoever means something to the bride and groom. No one can be left out. Many couples want a very big celebration. With all the many guests there are however a few very special guests. This is what our present guidebook is about. Continue reading “Wedding Guests”