Wedding Ring Rings with Great Symbolism

Already in ancient times, the Trauring was known.Romans and also Egyptians wore the trauring on their left hand.The reason for this was the faith, the closeness to the heart and thus to the love.However, only the women wore the wedding marriage or engagement ring.It was usually made of iron, and was regarded as the sign of the bond, and as an acknowledgment of receipt for the dowry.The tradition of wearing the ringfinger named after him has been preserved to this day.While in many Western countries the Trauring is worn on the left Ringfinger, it is customary in the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, as well as in Poland, Norway, Russia and many Eastern Bloc countries to wear the ring on the right ring finger. Continue reading “Wedding Ring Rings with Great Symbolism”

Wedding Rings with Brillant Crowns

Who did not pursue the royal dream wedding in Sweden?Everyone who has seen it has also noticed the fairy-tale tracing that Princess Madeleine got from her husband, Chris O’Neill, on her finger.It is a breathtaking ring with a brilliant coronet, which underscores the natural beauty of the princess. Continue reading “Wedding Rings with Brillant Crowns”

Wedding Ring with Heart

A wedding ring with a heart? Voilà! This piece of jewelry combines two of my great loves when it comes to jewelry: minimalist design with a playful twist–a detail that keeps the eye hanging. The Ringset is made in Tel Aviv and comes from the jewelry forge of CADI jewelry. Continue reading “Wedding Ring with Heart”

10 Wedding Rings Models

Beyond the wedding dress, decoration, music, and a list of preparations, one can not forget the main symbol of marriage: the alliance.

The wedding ring is an item that will accompany the couple for the rest of their lives, and when it comes to choosing jewelry, you need to have patience and good taste. Continue reading “10 Wedding Rings Models”

Wedding Ring Design

After the vows, before the Kiss: The love is you selected with much devotion wedding ring on his finger. A moment for the ages. The heart of your ceremony, which itself will be again later in photo albums, picture frames, and above all in the top 3 of your most beautiful memories. Continue reading “Wedding Ring Design”

10 Alternatives To Classic Engagement Rings

Let’s say you’re not a girl that follow the conventions to the letter. If so, it is likely that engagement rings classic, with a diamond in the Center, seem too boring. Isn’t it?

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Wedding Party: 6 Things You Can’t Miss

When you’re planning the wedding party the couple feel a tremendous anxiety, there’s a natural concern for all is well decorated.

The wedding party it’s a big milestone, as it is the symbolism of an act realized that denotes love, care and delivery.

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Engagement Rings For Men And Women


Wedding rings in silver are good if we have a budget that you want to keep for her wedding, so can an engagement ring or wedding ring in silver to be a really good choice. We must, however, be aware that silver is softer than some other metals, it is therefore also less durable. Silver can also be affected by the acid you have in your skin, which can break down the silver faster. It is different from person to person, how much acid you have in your skin. Ask the jewelry store on silver ring is treated with rhodium. If it is not treated, then get them to do it, as it will get the silver to hold longer.


Engagement rings and wedding rings titanium Titanium are one of the strongest metal on Earth, while at the same time it is very easy. It is 100% hypo-allergenic, so if you have reactions to other metals, then you should choose titanium. Titanium is to pay, since it is one of the metals that are abundant in the world. Titanium dialed hardness makes that they can tolerate a little of each, without taking damage of it. Titanium hardness also makes it harder to work with, so the range of rings can be limited.

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Wedding Rings For Men And Women

You must have both engagement and wedding rings? There are many who choose to use their engagement rings as their wedding rings. Others choose less expensive engagement rings and buying expensive wedding rings when they’re getting married. Someone chooses the woman only to have an engagement ring, usually with diamonds or gemstones in, while others are buying plain wedding rings for the wedding, which fits to the engagement ring.

Engagement rings and wedding rings can be produced by many different metals. You can choose them in individual metal or a combination of many different. Gold and white gold are some of the most traditional metals used in engagement rings and wedding rings, but titanium, silver, palladium, rosé gold, stainless steel, tungsten and Platinum are also used.

To consider its budget, when you have to choose engagement rings and wedding rings. In considering the durability – can the metal, in order to have you decide on your finger, resist it in using your hands to in everyday life, at work and at and hobbies etc. Remember that the higher the carat of metal, the softer it will be. Match the color to the other jewelry yesterday with, such as necklaces, watches, earrings and possibly. other rings?

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