Summer Garden Romance

There are sweets! Only on photos, but we get at the sight of these photos 1. Hunger and 2. Lust to make the small temptations immediately at home. The treats come from the styled shoot of l ‘ Estelle Photography and are made by confectioner Kitty Wong. And Kitty really did go after all the rules of the Backart. Continue reading “Summer Garden Romance”

Wedding Shopping Guide: Balloon Bouquet

The decision is: you will get married! This is a good news, but after you have received the first congratulations, it will be time to begin preparations for your big day. There are loads of things that need to be done so your wedding day will really be the most beautiful day in your life. Our wedding shopping guide will help you think about all the errands that you need before your wedding or for the actual celebration. Stressful purchases at the last minute will save you money. Continue reading “Wedding Shopping Guide: Balloon Bouquet”

Wedding Cake Toppers For Wedding Cake

For the big day, all women want that everything goes as planned. After all, it’s one day more than special. For this, they calculate and plan everything in the minutest detail. This would be no different with the bride and groom to cake of marriage.

Continue reading “Wedding Cake Toppers For Wedding Cake”