Personalized Gifts for the Bride and Groom

One usually marries only once in a lifetime, the more significant and exciting is the day for the couple in question. They enter into the holy covenant of marriage, promise to be loyal and give each other security, a circumstance that will be hard for many at the beginning, because bonds are always something special and not easy to plan. As a wedding guest you are therefore in the moral duty to give this marriage its blessing and to relax the tension of the bride and groom.

We want to show you the means by which you can hand over a personalized gift to the bride and groom, which will certainly be remembered. Continue reading “Personalized Gifts for the Bride and Groom”

Outfits for the Wedding Guest

What General Principles Should I Consider As A Wedding Guest In Terms Of Styling?

Men are often said to have it much easier in the selection of clothes than women. But when it comes to wedding dress, it can sometimes be a bit trickier for the men than expected. But if you know a few basic rules that you can orient yourself to, the supposedly challenging mission “How do I dress as a wedding guest?” Becomes a children’s game. Continue reading “Outfits for the Wedding Guest”

Wedding Guests

At a wedding, 60 to 120 wedding guests are usually invited. How many guests are ultimately dependent on the size of the relationship and the circle of friends.Invited is whoever means something to the bride and groom. No one can be left out. Many couples want a very big celebration. With all the many guests there are however a few very special guests. This is what our present guidebook is about. Continue reading “Wedding Guests”