Bridal Hairstyles and Plus Size Dresses

If you have curly, curly or curly hair you can not miss these tips for the perfect hairstyle at the wedding!

The choice of wedding hairstyle is among the most important for the bride. In addition to the dress, shoes and accessories to be worn from the Big Day, this item takes time, care and a lot of search for references.Although each type of hair demands special attention, the main tip is unanimous: always care for the health and care of the hair. Continue reading “Bridal Hairstyles and Plus Size Dresses”

Hairstyles With Braids for Your Wedding

If you are married, have three main options to fix your hair: you can take it with an elegant up-do, take it loose with some embellishments (such as a subtle headdress of flowers) or you can choose to pick it up in a braid. This last option we love, because it is comfortable and is more than fashion that never-if you don’t believe us, see the photos of the latest runways and red carpets: plagued by braids! Continue reading “Hairstyles With Braids for Your Wedding”